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A magical place in the country. BlissWood is a 600 acre working cattle ranch an hour west of Houston. Guest enjoy the peaceful country setting, amidst majectic live oaks, in their choise of 10 charming cabins, cottages and houses. BlissWood is a place to relax and forget about the worries and hassles of city life. Get up with the sun and walk, sleep late and dream, or take a photo of the perfect sunset. It's your choice what to do. Sometimes doing nothing is just the right thing to do.

At BlissWood you actually talk to your kids, cook a meal with your family, or rediscover the person that you promised to spend the rest of your life with.

Love animals? You've come to the right place. Animals of all kinds abound at BlissWood. Bring your own pet, they need a vacation too.

If a sudden sadness falls over the guest when it's time to leave, then BlissWood has done it's job. BlissWood guest have experienced the joys of simple country life..guest were taken back to another time, a time when families related to each other and just "being" was enough.

Owner Carol Davis: "I enjoy sharing my slice of heaven with my Blisswood guest"

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Photographer Skeeter Hagler is the recipient of photography's highest honor, The Pulitzer Prize, for his documentary on the life of the Texas cowboy. A native Texan, Skeeter is based in Texas and has over 40 years of experience traveling the world on assignments and projects for many of the top magazines and corporations in the country. Skeeter's Pulitzer portfolio of the Texas Cowboy is highly regarded and collected by many investors of Western Art.

Skeeter's 3 day assignment to a historic Texas ranch in Cat spring, Texas for a Texas travel magazine turned into a love affair with the land, animals, and wide open spaces of BlissWood. Now calling BlissWood home, Skeeter just has to walk out of the door of his 'cabin in the woods' to experience the sites and sounds of nature. Photographing nature, the animals and the people of BlissWood has become a life long project of Skeeter.

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Another love affair of Skeeter Hagler is his decade long association with the system of Olympus cameras and lenses. Olympus cameras have become like an extension of Skeeter's body and soul; always at hand, always ready to capture nature at it's best, the animals at work and the people of BlissWood pursuing day to day activities. The size and ease of use of Olympus cameras has made the on-going BlissWood photographic project possible.